Kodak Alaris: Streamlining Enterprise Information Management to Bolster Business Efficiency

CIO Vendor In the present digital age where businesses are being bombarded with information from different channels, streamlined manage-ment of data has become impera-tive for the smooth functioning ofevery business. Consequently, more and more enterprises today are seek-ing to organize their data through the adoption of Enterprise Information Management which serves as the per-fect solution to these demands, with its ability to bring greater process ef-ficiency, improved data quality, en-hanced security and organizational agility.
Corroborating this fact are Technavio’s research reports which forecast the global Enterprise Infor-mation Management (EIM) market to grow steadily and reach a CAGR close to 18 percent by 2022. How-ever, despite these advancements, or-ganizations still encounter a number of challenges in carrying out informa-tion management, with over 75% of employees struggling to locate infor-mation in a timely manner. Moreo-ver, enterprises are also plagued by concerns surrounding information mobility, sharing content with others and connecting information from dif-ferent systems.

Acknowledging these challenges, Kodak Alaris has stepped forward to address them with its innovative document capture solutions to help organizations turn data chaos into actionable information that enables valuable business insights. Kodak Alaris is an independent, global technology company that helps businesses and public sector organizations unlock the power of information. With a team of highly qualified image scientists, the company has been focused for decades on helping organizations harness the potential in their data and information by bringing together an ecosystem of digital tools. This includes Kodak Alaris’ entire portfolio of hardware, software,and services.
“Organizations“ that successfullytransform data into actionable information enhance their business processes and differentiate themselves from their competitors,” says Leonel Da Costa, Sales Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region, Kodak Alaris. “We have thus built an end-to-end portfolio of document scanners and information capture software to ensure all formats of information flow and are integrated with core applications to drive efficiency throughout the enterprise,” he adds. Kodak Alaris provides a number of services that address information management challenges associated with mailroom automation, records management, forms processing, accounts payable processing, and customer on-boarding. At the core of the company’s product line is its document scanners which help to digitize paper based images and extract information from them which is then routed into business processes. These scanners are built to empower users to capture information with superior image quality and data accuracy. It’s the perfect solution when you need to get information into your business fast. They are user-friendly and adaptable to today’s advanced IT requirements.

Having delivered best-in-class information management solutions across a number of verticals sucas BFSI, Government, Healthcare, Retail, Legal and Architecture segments, Kodak Alaris’ elaborate blueprint for the future involves partnering with more system integrators and adopting a more solution-based approach towards the market. Kodak Alaris also intends to augment its software product line and bring intelligent, connected solutions into the market in the near future.