Ezee Digital Solutions: Smart and Ageless Digital Transformation Solutions Reshaping the Banking Space

CIO Vendor The banking industry is wit-nessing a gradual transition from a manually driven sector to machine controlled with the various technological developments and the adoption of the digital trans-formation strategy. Banks are increas-ingly employing technology-intensive solutions such as Document Man-agement System (DMS) software to streamline the workflow and bank-ing operations along the transforma-tion journey. Pushing the boundaries of technology and playing a key part of this revolutionary transformation since 1947 is CBSL Group with its commitment to meet every custom-er’s unique requirements through technological innovation, customi-zation and successful delivery. Ezee Digital Solutions, a brand of CBSL Group, ceaselessly works towards ful-filling the group’s promise by solving the customers' pain areas related to paper, through digital transforma-tion.

Carving a niche for itself in the digitization services sector, the com-pany not only generates relevant con-tent by scanning and indexing butalso provides web-based and LAN-based DMS software for retrieval and workflow management. “The need today is real-time information so as to enable the customer to be able to take appropriate action immediately based on information. This forms one of our key service areas,” says Ajay Khurana, MD of CBSL Group. He proudly reveals that the company has digitized over 6 billion records till date.

Furthermore, physical record management is another of the com-pany’s core offering that caters not only to the banking sector but ex-tends its services to insurance, tel-ecom and
tel-ecom and other industries. The team implements the highest levels of se-curity while storing physical docu-ments in its state-of-the-art facilities.

“The documents are bar-coded and indexed for fast access/retrievals and all of it is carried out on a web-based software developed by us where the interface of this is directly with the customer. Hence, the experience is direct, transparent, and smooth,” adds Ajay.

Standing apart from its competi-tors, CBSL facilitates banks with its portfolio of offerings as a ‘service’ and not a one-time sale and encour-age banks to get in a service contract instead of a sales contract. Clients can avail a product with no CAPEX with the promise of upgradation and theycan control the financial pay off based on the product’s successful perfor-mance on a monthly basis. “Hence, if you see, CBSL carries the risk by investing on behalf of the bank while it delivers on the services to the banks,” informs Ajay.

Founded by VP Khurana, CBSL’s journey began with the production of binders and ledgers which were used for account keeping in the banking space. It was only uphill from there for CBSL with the evolution of the banking sector. Understanding that internet banking plays a pivotal role in the Digital Transformation agen-da, the company provides a gamut of services including variable cheque printing, self service cheque deposit kiosks, self service passbook printing kiosk, self service cash deposit kiosk, scanning and digitization of docu-ments, physical record management, solar powered ATMs and customized ATM lobby experience. The team is currently working towards leveraging the power of AI in the kiosks to proffer customized solutions to its customers. Headquar-tered in Delhi, the company envisions expanding its reach to the neighbour-ing countries and Africa.