WeP Digital Services: Enabling Business To Go Digital

Sanjeev Arora, CEO
With the advent of new technologies, the business landscape is changing fast. And the only way to keep up with this dynamic landscape is by going digital. Failure to do so will very likely result in businesses losing opportunities for acceleration of business processes and competencies and enhanced customer experience. Thankfully, business leaders and industry honchos are increasingly acknowledging the countless benefits digital transformation ushers organizations with. In fact, Gartner revealed that 56 percent of businesses are already experiencing enhanced profits with digital improvements. In India, with transparency, compliance, and efficiency as goals, initiatives such as Digital India have been acting as catalysts in the entire process. Hence, with the concerted efforts from both government and enterprises, be it small, medium or large, digital transformation today reigns as the Holy Grail.

Enabling organizations to realize this goal is Bangalore headquartered WeP Digital Services. Driven by the aim to empower businesses with digital technology, WeP Digital delivers solutions in critical areas of Document Management, GST, Aadhaar Authentication Services, Retail Automation and Payment Services. Starting off as a part of Wipro Infotech, WeP Digital Services is the digital services wing of WeP Solutions Ltd. which established itself as an independent company in 2000; with primary services in dot matrix printers. Steadily WeP diversified into various other verticals shifting its focus from hardware to services, specifically managed print services. Henceforth, the company has carved out a niche, managing the entire landscape revolving around documentation. Sanjeev Arora, a technocrat with over 20 years of experience and the CEO of WeP Digital, says, “If you look at the path for any organization to become digital, it starts with digitization of the enormous amount of content/information/data which the organization maintains or generates every day. Once the data is in digital form, WeP uses its workflows to automate process for improving efficiency and productivity. From there on, organizations innovate using multiple digital platforms to create a good customer experience through digital transformation. With its new generation Document Management System and Business Process Management(BPM)services, WeP Digital helps organizations at all stages of digital transformation to create a good experience for their own customers. After all a customer today wants to pay for a good experience above anything else”. WeP Digital develops solutions for various segments including unorganized retail where small businesses want to store their data on the cloud for their inventory management, sales management, tax compliances amongst many other solutions. At the same time, the company provides customized workflow solutions for mid sized and large enterprises in various functions like finance, HR, legal, compliance, and operations to streamline their processes and help them make quicker business decisions for higher efficiency.

Safeguarding the Integrity of Digital Assets
What strongly distinguishes WeP in the DMS segment is the company’s decade long association with documentation, both in physical as well as electronic format. As such, the company brings in an in-depth understanding of the different ways customers procure and harness information and the security framework necessary. Based on this experience, WeP Digital develops specialized DMS that helps customers solve real-world problems. Delivered onpremise, on the cloud or hybrid model, the solution is specialized in streamlining process workflows, reporting and compliance, and securely accessing, sharing and controlling 100 percent of your content from anywhere using any computer, iOS or Android smartphone, or tablet while scrutinizing all kinds of communication which ensures corporate governance and data security.

While the process of digitization of documents may appear fairly easy, an area where many players in the segment fail is ensuring the integrity of the digitized document. This is where WeP supersedes its counter parts, bringing in the capability and the processes in place to reproduce mission-critical documents in exactly the same way, leveraging the PDF/A format; a standard for long-term preservation that makes the document compliant to the processes and guidelines laid out in the Indian IT act. WeP has executed large DMS projects in different verticals like Pharma, Healthcare, Airlines, Education, Manufacturing, BFSI amongst others. A leading Airline found themselves struggling with heaps of documents while performing aircraft maintenance which impacted their efficiency as well as the integrity and availability of data at the time of audits. WeP Digital set up the entire process to digitize the document flow and with the onsite team, made the information available on the fingertips of the concerned stakeholders. This not only improved the efficiency but also enhanced the value of the aircrafts at the time of lease back since all maintenance records are maintained and made available whenever required by strong governance framework with role-based data access and audit trails. WeP Digital Services was decided upon as their choice of document management support provider.

“We have been using WeP’s DMS and their services for our Digitization/Scanning Project for quite some time now. We are completely satisfied with their performance and hence would recommend them for other organizations as well,” said WeP’s client.

Tailor-made and Highly Scalable
On taking a deeper look into the document management segment, one would notice that almost all organizations today already have a DMS in place. However, what often remains a matter of concern is the proper implementation of the solution which raises questions such as
whether the solution has been used to its full capacity and whether the results delivered are the same as the results that were expected. WeP’s team of experienced professionals helps create tailor made and highly scalable business processes and workflows quickly with an intuitive interface, so that unique client requirements can be met while performing at an optimum level all the time. It also provides customers with the option to integrate existing products with REST based APIs of the content services platform as well as integration with office 365.

Ushering in a Smart Collaboration Environment
Content collaboration is an integral part of almost all businesses today and it is very common to have multiple people and sometimes multiple departments across multiple locations and countries as well, collaborate and contribute to a single document for input and customizations. While working with important documents such as legal ones, manual collaboration as such can be a huge challenge to keep track of every change made considering the number of iterations a document may have to go through and the number of editors who may work on it. This is where WeP DMS proves to be truly efficient, streamlining information workflow and allowing multiple people to work concurrently on a single document online from any place. All changes are logged appropriately thus making it a truly Smart Content Collaboration platform.

Adequate Security and Disaster Recovery Framework
Finally, another feature that stands as one of the most integral pillars of any business is data security. Business critical information needs to be protected from outside contact and must adhere to required protocols at all times, even inside the company’s premise. As such, WeP DMS comes with advanced AE-256 encryption technologies in place that help protect sensitive information. It also follows robust authentication and authorization processes as per the client’s requirements, allowing the data repository to be available strictly on a need-to-know basis.

When it comes to DMS on-cloud, WeP has built its solution on Microsoft Azure that comes with adequate disaster recovery framework. Cloud data is continuously backed up which ensures that data remains protected and recoverable during any point of failure in the network.

Customer Centric Practices
Clients will find that all the products delivered by the company have been used internally in the various departments. This ensures WeP with first-hand unbiased feedback from users. Following this approach has also enabled that company to stay ahead with continuous improvements and enhancements in the features of its products. Moreover, the company has designed its services to facilitate customers with access to all digital services without any incremental registration processes. This is provisioned through the single sign-on service whereby once a user is registered with WeP, using the single signon feature he/she can utilize the plethora of WeP’s services that include DMS, GST, compliance services and more. With practices such as these, no wonder WeP boasts of 98 percent customer retention rate.

Working with a highly driven workforce further strengthens WeP in the segment. The company also works to mould fresh talents in the customer first philosophy. Communication and collaboration dictates overall its processes. The support services at WeP only reflect the commitment of the company towards customer experience. Customer engagement center, online help desk, and a team of field workforce spread across the country cater to the clients post the delivery of the products and services and resolve issues on the customer’s site.

The company also has a number of products in its pipeline amongst which Risk and Compliance Management Solution and e-Sign, both of which are built on top of WeP’s DMS platform, is scheduled to be released soon. The Risk and Compliance Management Solution automates secretarial work by integrating the flow of information from Agenda to Minutes and from Minutes to Registers and Returns. The solution also boasts of an e-repository which can be used to store and retrieve secretarial records of the company. e-Sign leverages Aadhar platform for contract collaboration and signing documents such as customer agreements, supplier contracts, employment offers instantly and securely using DMS workflows with hierarchy based approvals, resulting in time and cost savings.

Envisaging the future, Sanjeev Arora concludes, “Catering to businesses of all sizes, the company is also looking to harness the power of latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to innovate newer products and solutions that will aid customers in their digital journey. Establishing WeP Digital as the largest digital service is the ultimate goal of the company,”

Solutions across Diversified Segments
WeP has been one of the leading providers in the manufacturing segment. In the retail segment, its POS solutions are one of the most widely used in the country today. The company is a licensed Aadhaar Authentication Services provider. Delivered to enterprises in multiple segments and others, WeP’s Aadhaar authentication services are rendered through a highly secure cloud-based, real-time software platform.

WeP is also a leading government authorized GST Suvidha Provider(GSP) which has been helping organizations adapt to the new GST driven business environment with services in the critical areas of GST billing, data preparation and data validation services. The company’s GST platform is a versatile and highly scalable solution that facilitates organizations with Automatic Data Preparation for GSTR1, single-point dashboard access for multiple GSTINs along with end-to-end data management, making billing and filing GST simple and easy. Hosted on cloud-based Microsoft Azure, the platform also brings in the scope for customization, as a result of which businesses find all their unique requirements met while staying focused on their core business processes without fretting over the new tax processes.