Vir Softech: Enabling Quick Data Driven Decisions on Open Source Platform

Vir Softech Team
In the present digital age, a plethora of advantages incurred by DMS in organizations like handling the arduous tasks of archiving, distribution and creation of documents are reasons for witnessing an escalation in the implementation of such solutions. In search of unique value delivered by solution providers, tailored solutions as per the unique requirements, leverage trending technologies, topnotch post implementation support, ability to predict best practices to enable quick data driven decisions and value for money are the key expectations of any business vertical. Meeting and exceeding client expectations, Vir Softech, hailing from New Delhi with offices located in Australia and Japan, offers its novel DMS solution based on DSpace open source content management platform that build central digital repositories. “Empowering organizations with quick and data driven decision making to achieve competitive advantage is the biggest challenge addressed by Vir Softech,” reveals Deepak Garg, Director at Vir Softech. Harnessing the power of the latest web technology stack to deliver a great user experience, the solution is engineered on open source platform thereby permitting complete customization as per the needs of the customer. Deepak goes on to explain, “Our customization strategy is based on addressing key business problems faced by the customer along with recommendation of industry best practices for specific domain.”

A government certified Start-up Company, Vir Softech with their team of highly experienced professionals go beyond just offering the basic DMS functionalities. The DSpace open source platform encompasses Robotic Process Automation that is customized for
customer workflows that are based on advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. These solutions can assist customers to automate the data capture and data extraction processes leading to saving a significant amount of cost and time valuable to the company. With high interoperability, the solution is designed to ensure a seamless data migration and integration with other applications. The innovative and cutting-edge DMS solution empowers customers to be in complete control of the solution and reap its benefits. Additionally, Vir Softech goes the extra mile and facilitates its customers with a comprehensive user manual and training along with a well defined support program; an end-to-end service provider.

Empowering organizations with quick and data driven decision making to achieve competitive advantage is the biggest challenge addressed by Vir Softech

As one of the leaders in this domain, the company has performed some of the largest and hi-tech content management implementations primarily in government sector. Having successfully executed some major projects and viewing the government sector to have great potential in the future, Vir Softech is currently working on large government digitization projects enabling intelligent, easy and secure archival and retrieval of information. Deepak indulges us on the details of the project before signing off, “The projects involve complex multi-location implementation of DMS in cluster architecture.” Perfectly poised to cater to every customer demand, the company endeavours to continually develop and proffer ground-breaking features on the DSpace platform.