Takira Solutions: Improving Business Workflow with Economical EDMS Solutions

Anand Nair, Director
The Document Management Systems (DMS) industry is riding atop digitization. With DMS acting as the Foundation, the combination of EDMS and BPM will make businesses more organized with several other benefits such as reduced storage space, improved regulatory compliance, easy retrieval and better backup & disaster recovery. However, managing of data across various departments is done by most in a fragmented way thereby leading to information silos. With this sector still in its nascent stage, the need for the adoption of such solutions is perceived as required for document archival purposes rather than one whole complex yet integrated organizational knowledge management system. Spearheading this thought process, headquartered in Kerala with a development centre at New Mumbai, Mahape (Millennium Business Park), Takira Solutions facilitates businesses with their innovative and customizable AntrixEDMS product. The solution has a unique licensing policy where the company will charge only server license for the application with no user license. This will help the client to seal the capital investment on EDMS.

This feature-rich solution can be tailor-made as per the client’s specific requirements and scope of the project. Antrix EDMS proffers the convenience of all forms made available in an interactive and editable PDF(iPDF)format that can be encrypted and resaved post clearing validations and converted into a PDF. Data from the saved and encrypted form can be extracted in the required format to desired data storage for integration. The user can define complex rules for selection of supporting documents and sections can be highlighted for a specific category of individuals as well. Documents are indexed and scanning API permits the users to scan the documents and retrieve massive results from a single search request. The solution is designed to perform on-the-fly translation of the English Document/Screen in multiple languages without carrying out any changes in the existing templates and is supported by contextual based dictionary.
In conjunction with this, AntrixBPM is designed to be multitenant with complete browser-based access which can be enabled as SaaS/Cloud version. It can convert any complex process into a simple, transparent and secure process. This offering reduces barriers to access making it beneficial for organizations that demand to control processes spanning on-premises BPM solutions, commercial and legacy applications, and cloud services. To improve security, the offering features a digital signature that securely associates a signer with a document in a recorded transaction. It leverages the Public Key Infrastructure(PKI)format to deliver the highest levels of security and universal acceptance. Furthermore, AntrixEDMS provides the flexibility to the customers to opt for infrastructure that best fits within the framework of approved policies and procedures. Application is developed by using advanced Java technologies and it is platform independent(windows, Linux, Unix etc).

AntrixEDMS encompasses a detailed document section where all the documents can be stored and kept securely

The AntrixBPM Enterprise Edition enables business users, analysts, managers, and various stakeholders to collaborate with developers and work in process design, implementation, integration and administration of an enterprise's BPM environment. This is achieved through rich process design experience, web-based graphical user interfaces, and workflow automation. In essence, it capacitates business analysts to rapidly build end-to-end, process centric, composite business applications utilizing a web interface. AntrixBPM facilitates quick automation and improvement of processes without any coding.

The DMS industry is proving to be quite the lucrative sector proposing significant opportunity for growth in India in the near future. Having completed many government and semi governments’ insurance companies’ projects overseas, Takira envisions penetrating deeper into the Indian market and are presently working on Canara Bank Treasury department process digitalization and EDMS.