SER Group: Driving Digital Transformation in Organizations with a Unified ECM and BPM Platform

Morad Rhlid, MD
With heaps of paper documents still widely used, many businesses are yet to go digital in the true sense. However, a key aspect to be taken into consideration here is that information silos don’t always result due to paper files. Unorganized file storage without distinct metadata or full-text search capabilities largely contributes to the information chaos, which in turn obstructs the digital transformation initiatives within organizations.

The largest European software vendor for Enterprise Content Management(ECM)and one of the top five software-only ECM vendors worldwide, the SER Group, takes a unified approach to content and processes through a single platform that enables users to create workflows from the content or access content directly from any step of the workflow without switching between user interfaces. The firm’s unified approach is manifested in Doxis4, a cutting-edge innovative solution which unifies ECM and BPM services. Built on a robust architecture with SER’s CSB(Content Service Bus), Doxis4 easily handles billions of records. The platform is further complemented by a powerful tool that supports internal and external collaboration whereby external participants gain restricted access only to the content and folders relevant for them. What makes Doxis4 high on the innovation quotient is the Extensive use of advanced technologies like AI(Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning. As a result, users no longer need to classify records manually. With a simple drag and drop mechanism, the classification is done automatically. The end result - better and more accurate search results for content and compliant content management.

To ensure utmost security, the platform comes with a software package - Doxis4 safeLock which provides legally compliant, audit
proof storage of the documents and data on-premises or in the cloud. Doxis4 safeLock also ensures swift accessibility to data and virtually administration -free operation. Scope for integration with IT infrastructures and hardware-vendor independent characteristics gives the platform a higher degree of flexibility. In addition, the platform also boasts of an audit-proof nature while adhering to several compliance policies such as GDPR, ISO 14641, FSTEK, etc.

With over 2,000 international projects delivered, two of the largest implementations by SER are running at DHL Express where the firm stores nearly 130 million new documents per month, and Deutsche Bahn with over 30,000 Doxis4 users. Morad Rhlid, Managing Director at SER Solutions International says, “We strongly believe that with our knowledge, experience, and approach, we are able to deliver solutions that exceed the customers’ needs. Moreover, SER operates independently of capital from VCs and can make its own long-term decisions and plans, thus guaranteeing quality and a strong foundation to our premium approach”. The software made in Germany has also been recognized by analysts like Gartner and Forrester. In the Indian market, SER operates a local team and with the support of highly knowledgeable and experienced partners who share the same vision as the firm. International enterprises like DHL Express and BASF rely on Doxis4 also in India.

S. Visweswaran,Vice President–APAC Region

Besides its strong focus on APAC and specifically India, the firm currently puts a lot of effort into further enhancing the Doxis4 platform with AI and machine learning technologies. Moreover, SER is continuously working on additional vertical and horizontal solution templates to meet specific customer needs.