Prime leaf Consulting: Rendering Tailor Made and Cost Effective DMS Solutions

Rahul Kubadia, Director
Document Management is one of the vital issues for a company. Although there are many DMS solutions available in the market, providing easy user interface, accessibility and security might not be enough to meet all requirements. Minimal cost and loaded features are tempting but it is imperative to opt for a tailor made solution specific for your business needs. A DMS solution provider who has proven experience of providing services across distinct verticals is what you need. Primeleaf Consulting is positioned in Document Management sector for the past seventeen years. Vast experience and domain knowledge help the company to understand and solve varied needs of its customers. Talking about the diverse business experience of the company, Rahul Kubadia, Director Primeleaf Consulting, says, “Our customers are spread across multiple business domains, industry segments and geographies. We work with our customers and design and deliver solutions as per their needs in a cost-effective manner to create win-win situation for both.”

The company offers KRYSTAL Document Management System Software to manage documents across different verticals. Talking about the solution that company offers, Kubadia says, “Our Document Management System Software transforms both paper and electronic documents into knowledge assets that become instantly usable by the company workforce. It improves workflow, increase information reuse, eliminate redundancy, securely control content, and avoid conflicts and data loss; all in a single document management solution that works from right with-in your web browser.”

KRYSTAL DMS Software is a web based browser solution. The solution is completely device independent. The software facilitates easy and smooth document access. As cost is the other main concern for businesses, companies want a solution that could suit their cost concerns. Primeleaf Consulting delivers affordable services. It has
earned a reputation of delivering maximum cost benefit. Mentioning the company’s achievement, Kubadia says, “We have also been awarded the number one rank for the most affordable document management software category by Capterra (A Garter Company) recently. We are the only Indian Document Management System provider who has a completely FREE and OPEN SOURCE version of KRYSTAL DMS called Community Edition which has been released under GNU General Public License version 3. The source code for the same is available at and

Our Document Management System Software transforms both paper and electronic documents into knowledge assets that become instantly usable by the company workforce

Primeleaf Consulting provides a range of solution in document management for enterprise uses. The enterprise edition software includes Optical Character Recognition feature. KRYSTAL DMS search engine provides fast and easy way to find documents in the repository. The other added features include document viewer, annotation, rubber stamps and digital signature.

Explaining the advanced features of KRYSTAL DMS, Kubadia says, “The software includes complete business process automation tool and it is equipped with Graphical workflow editor.” The software can also be integrated with any existing system of the enterprise.

The company recently released 2018 version of its KRYSTAL Document Management System. It also has other upcoming releases of the software. The company has provided its solution for largest smart city projects in Maharashtra. Talking about the future endeavors of the company, Kubadia signs off saying, “We are to implement the solution for one of country’s largest EPC Company. Soon, we are planning to start our operations in other metro cities of India. We have appointed resellers for our products in Middle East and Latin America.”