Pen Pundit Media Services: Delivering Easily Accessible and User-friendly Technical Documents

Nishtha Shukla, Founder
Digital technologies play a pivotal role in producing documentation that is user-friendly. While good technical documentation benefits the company and customer alike as it ensures better customer satisfaction and curtails the complaints to customer support, organizations still struggle with the synchronization of documents as products evolve. Maintaining the consistency in the content & style is yet another bottleneck encountered. The content of the document needs to be compatible with the user’s ability to comprehend the corpus of information and apply that information as intended. Emerging as a leader in this domain, Pen Pundit Media Services, based in Chandigarh, leverages their competent team of technical experts and content writers that seamlessly synchronize themselves to provide that competitive edge and address the aforementioned challenges with the delivery of their innovative and leading edge technical documents that cater to a broad spectrum of companies. “With our qualified team of ocumentation experts, Pen Pundit has helped companies create useful documents that integrate business items beautifully based on the requirements of the company and their product,” expresses Nishtha Shukla, a veteran in the content and digital marketing domain and the Founder of Pen Pundit Media Services. Having worked with power houses like Reuters and India Today, Nishtha’s experience one of the founder trustees of Himachal-based Shoolini University, led to establishing the highly acclaimed Pen Pundit.

Organizations are encountering the challenge of disseminating their product knowledge to their customers and employees located across diverse geographical locations. Additionally, products are fast changing and product lifecycles are increasingly shortening, making the objective even more complex to achieve. Perfectly understanding this dilemma, Pen Pundit strongly believes that the most accepted approach to accomplish this task is to utilize as many images and illustrations as possible assuring better customer engagement. The
team has a thorough process in place to ensure that the documentation is highly effective. Using tables and bullets are also an efficient way to create user-friendly technical documents. Nishtha explains, “When the information is available to users vividly, they are in a better position to handle the product at their end. This has helped our clients to reduce after sales calls to a large extent.”

Pen Pundit has helped companies create useful documents that integrate business items beautifully based on the requirements of the company and their product

Incepted in 2006, the company offers end-to-end solutions and facilitates clients with their array of path breaking services holding specialties in content development for all media, editorial services, SEO copy writing, blog writing, social media optimization and marketing collateral copy writing. The company possesses a leading position in content generation and proffers one of their novel products Creat My Mag that assists companies to engage with their clients and customers in a unique way.

The company has ventured into the eLearning space as well and plays a unique role in this domain. While most vendors lack the subject knowledge and skill to develop high-quality content and curate an effective course, Pen Pundit helps companies to develop the right instructional and eLearning content. “This is a mix of everything from video and audio to books and assessments,” adds Nishtha.

Perfectly aligning themselves with the technological advancements in this sector, Pen Pundit envisages diving deeper into the digital arena to help clients benefit from automated content solutions for deftness and accuracy while maintaining the creative and human factor they are renowned for. Currently, the company is assiduously working on their in-house tool for documentation offered at an economical cost.