Jayatma Informatics: Digitization Based on the Principle of Converting Data to Knowledge

Nirav Shah, MD& CEO
Jayatma was founded at a time when Digitization was evolving from an ITeS to an IT Service. Jayatma’s initial growth was fuelled by the then booming Telecom and Insurance sector that demanded high precision, fast processing and evolving systems without compromising on the stringent compliance standards. To be able to fulfil the demands and carve a niche for itself,Jayatma since its nascent days has been adapting in one of the most under-explored and most sensitive aspect of Information Technology.

“Building credibility through performance in the Telecom and BFSI space, we were drawn to the Government space where the potential was humongous. We could see that Jayatma had all the makings for a complete digitization solution provider to multiple government departments,” says Nirav Shah, MD &CEO of Jayatma Informatics Pvt Ltd.

Having started its tryst with the government department, Jayatma has been one of the top service providers to innovate document creation, processing and integrating the process with legacy ERPs/systems being used by the stakeholders.

Jayatma has believed in the approach to customize processes and utilise the DMS in a manner befitting the organisation. Jayatma DMS empowers work force to deliver quality on time.

“Each industry demands are unique and it is not possible to have a one-size-fits-all solution for digitization. It’s all the more challenging as the people involved in digitization process are from the bottom of the pyramid. Hence, a lot of onus is on the DMS to be able to adapt to the process in question. Our DMS is more of a platform than a product. A
platform based approach has enabled us to implement complex processes in record time,” adds Nirav. By Implementing the DMS and its processes, Jayatma has been able to extract the knowledge from data. This has been crucial to organisations getting an edge as well as bringing in higher productivity and focussed results.

Our DMS is more of a platform than a product. A platform based approach has enabled us to implement complex processes in record time

Unique positioning for niche market leadership
Jayatma is one of the few organizations in the country that offers the entire data digitisation cycle across industry. With more than 100000 sqft of operating space, and ability to jump start operations for new clients within shortest possible time, Jayatma has carved a niche for itself in the space where organisations have struggled for scalability, without compromising on quality.

“Building a debt-free organisation with assets and resources at its disposal has been a priority and now our USP. It has been a crucial learning experience while working in Government sector like the revenue department, finance department and some PSUs where scaling up and maintain the quality of output was critical to success,” says Nirav.

Jayatma is eyeing innovations in data aggregation and process reengineering to be able to help customers realise value of their own data. Working on the principle of Creating Knowledge from Data is defining the future of Jayatma which continues to grow in terms of clients and size. Its recent product release has been released as a mobile app for Android platform. The app is aimed at empowering individuals to manage their personal documents in digitized form and easily share, retrieve and manage while ensuring security.