FSRMS: A One- Stop Shop for Efficient and Secure Records Management

Gaurav Singhvi, Satyen Naik& Director
The world of records management is evolving at a fast pace to accommodate today’s changing workplace, where organizations are confronted with a massive influx of data and exponentially growing volumes of paper records. As a result, there is now a growing need for innovative solutions to manage, share, retain and preserve documents. However, the road to efficient Records Management is not always an easy one, with enterprises encountering challenges such as a lack of affordable tools to effectively manage and store electronic and physical records, lack of institutional policies to address records management, risks of security breaches as well as records damage due to instability of storage media, and inability to clear out old records. Perfectly understanding these challenges and the demands associated with Records Management, Surat headquartered FS Records Management Services Pvt.Ltd(FSRMS)steps forward to help organizations scientifically store and manage their records throughout their lifecycle, with a comprehensive suite of Records Management Services.

Established in 2013, FSRMS has been focused on providing services for Scanning, Digitization and Storage of physical records at its warehouse along with secure archival and retrieval of information in physical and electronic format, as well as digital imaging, media management, and data destruction. The company has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception and now boasts of its own records management center with a capacity of over 2 lakh cubic ft. at Surat, and has also expanded its operations in other cities of India. Having catered to the verticals of financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries as well as many public sector organizations, FSRMS believes that it endows organizations with the 'power of memory’. “We help clients maximize
the value of their 'most important records' through the storage, active management and smart and timely distribution of information assets,” affirms Satyen Naik, Director, FS Records Management.

We help clients maximize the value of their 'most important records' through the storage, active management and smart and timely distribution of information assets

With an objective to help organizations eliminate their records related concerns and free up their internal resources to focus on the company’s core business, FSRMS brings a complete suite of services that include Records Digitization, Retrieval, Electronic Document Management System, Document Shredding and Records Management Consultancy. When it comes to DMS and Records Management, FSRMS’ solutions have been designed to cater to organizations’ critical requirements such as offsite as well as onsite records storage management and consulting, on-demand retrieval and delivery of data, complete tracking of records, backing up and retention of critical records, secure disposal at the end of their life-cycle, reduction of costs through process streamlining, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance as well as ensuring 24- hour surveillance systems to provide a high level of security. Furthermore, the company also caters to data entry services, to help organizations manage the practicalities, legalities, and risks of coping with increasing quantities of forms..

Having catered to some of the most challenging document management and digitization requirements across a number of industry verticals, FSRMS has built adequate industry expertise in this domain. Leveraging this expertise, the company plans to bring more innovative solutions to meet the escalating demands of enterprises and ensure efficient and secure Records Management for organizations, in the upcoming future.