CABiNET eDMSS: Expandable and Scalable Solution for Current and Future Needs of Businesses

Jayapraksh Thindiyote(JP), CEO & MD
Selection of simple and cost-effective solution for document management is imperative to reap the Zenefits of efficient storage, security, and accessibility of business data. However, as businesses aim to enhance their scale of operation and grow in size, the document management needs also keeps changing. All document management solutions are not designed to manage the documents for large business operations. Transitioning from one document software solution to another has its own difficulties of data integration, complications in document handling, complexity in adopting new user interface and cost concern. Investing in an expandable and scalable document software solution that fits the need of growing business operations will save companies from unwanted cost and complexity. PSL Management Software Technology Pvt Ltdhas developed CABiNET eDMSS to meet the needs of small and growing businesses with complete documents management system. Jayapraksh Thindiyote(JP), CEO and MD, CABiNET eDMSS says, “We have positioned CABiNET eDMSS for small business houses who can deploy and migrate to bigger solutions as the documents archive grows.” CABiNET eDMSS projects cater to different scale of business needs through various CABiNET models. There are Entry Level, Professional and Business series off the shelf products available with PSL for ready deployment.JP says these models provide efficient and cost-effective solution for digitization. These models optimize, automate and enhance document management operation.

The CABiNET Enterprise model web edition document management handles multiple locations for large corporations on turnkey basis deployment as Build Operate & Transfer solution. JP comments, “With integrated web document server the CABiNET user is able to access documents from any PC in a network at any time from any where in the world.”

CABiNET eDMSS is also interfaced with many other software products. The data migration and integration with other application is done
seamlessly. The software has a very simple but very efficient workflow interface to provide Office Automation. Elaborating on the office automation module offered by CABiNESS eDMSS, Jayapraksh says, “This will help all small to medium business houses to adopt document tracking system for PAPERLESS OFFICE AUTOMATION. The OBLIGATION CALENDAR attached to the Workflow will be an organizational reminder system to allocate work automatically on due dates and monitor through Workflow.”

We have positioned CABiNET eDMSS for small business houses who can deploy and migrate to bigger solutions as the documents archive grows

The company has all advantages in providing its solutions to customers when they require document management services. “We have dedicated help desk providing support services to our clients. They also provide support services to CABiNET Marketing Partners in clarifying technical queries and providing online demonstrations wherever required,” says JP.

CABiNET is interfaced with some of the leading Software like Clinical, Hospital, Medical and TALLY ERP etc. The CABiNET eDMSS is also used by many Chartered Accountant firms for their document management needs. CABiNET comes with a built-in preconfigured TALLY interface module that allows separate storage of documents and easy retrieval for auditing. After providing user-friendly interface the company aims to add more features in this module. JP comments, “The latest version will provide a TDocube (TALLY Document Cube) as an archival document data for retrieval and verification with or without TALLY.”

CABiNET is used by Audit firms, Lawyers, Traders, Builders, Industries, Clinics, and Hospitals etc that proves the wide potential of the product. CABiNET eDMSS is used by many across the country and in UAE. For the future roadmap, PSL is planning to increase the user base of CABiNET eDMSS in the country by reaching all IT users as a general purpose Office Automation Tool, like they use Spread Sheet, Word, Power Point etc.