Bluebenz Digitizations: Enables end-to-end Digitization with an Inclusive Suite of DMS Solutions

Tanveer Patel, Director
In the present digital age, where businesses are being bombarded with information and data from multiple channels, Document Management Systems (DMS)not only play a crucial role in the capture, storage and retrieval of both paper and electronic documents, but are also indispensable in their ability to bring a number of benefits such as reduced storage space, enhanced security, improved regulatory compliance and better backup and disaster recovery. However, despite these varied benefits, moving towards digitization for documents comes with its underlying Challenges where organizations face difficulties in catering to different hardware and software requirements, carrying out data migration, integration with other applications and aligning the staff with the organizational culture. Perfectly understanding these challenges, Pune headquartered Bluebenz Digitizations Pvt. Ltd. steps forward to resolve them with a comprehensive suite of Document Management and Records Management Solutions, to help organizations streamline business functions through digitization and improve their efficiency.

Incepted in 2016, Bluebenz Digitizations was founded with a mission to enable digital transformation at enterprises by providing comprehensive solutions for data processing, information and knowledge asset management across industry verticals. The company has since been catering to end-to end digitization services right from defining document management strategies to scanning,imaging, indexing, DMS implementation and digital asset management. “As a one stop shop for Digitization services, Bluebenz’s core objective is to bring secure, reliable and cost-effective, ultra - modern, cutting edge digital products and solutions to empower the business processes and to harness the best of technology to accelerate the business growths.” explains Tanveer Patel, Founder & Director, Bluebenz Digitizations.

In order to help organizations digitize their business processes in a
seamless and efficient manner, Bluebenz brings DigiWare, an Electronic Document Management System(EDMS)for digital storage, easy searching and quick retrieval of documents. With a customizable user interface and detail insights, advanced search options and features for indexing, archiving and retrieval, DigiWare allows for the classification and arrangement of documents according to the customer’s document usage priorities. The platform also employs a detailed process to facilitate automated document sync, structured archiving and effortless, user-friendly navigation along with defined roles, configuration policies, metadata and document type configuration as a part of its management policy. Furthermore, as a complementary offering to DigiWare, Bluebenz has designed DigiSync, a software application that integrates with the customer’s central repository or with DigiWare, to aid in the synchronization of files, documents, and folders. DigiSync incorporates functions for Configuration, Scanning, OCR & Indexing and Sync, to segregate documents into an easily retrievable form.

As a one-stop shop for Digitization services, Bluebenz’s core objective is to bring secure, reliable and cost-effective, ultra -modern, cutting edge digital products and solutions to empower the business processes

Having catered to a number of DMS implementations in a short span of time, Bluebenz Digitizations has gained adequate industry expertise in this domain. Leveraging this expertise, the company is en route to bringing more innovative solutions to support enterprises in their digital transformation journey. One among these innovations is DigiSense - Bluebenz’s AR-enabled product which equips organizations with analytics to present digital content in a more meaningful way. Bluebenz also intends to bring digital warehouses to bridge the gap between digital and physical warehouses, in the upcoming future.