Ospyn Technologies - Connecting Disparate Data to Provide Real-Time Business Insights

CIO Vendor DMS as a technology is evolving in India. The need for faster decision-making amidst accelerated data growth, compliance and regulatory issues, and the requirement for a contingency plan in the likelihood of disaster and security breaches, are key factors driving this adoption. With the emergence of the government’s Digital India vision, E-Governance and SME sectors are forecasted to be the key market segments for DMS solutions in the upcoming years. The E-Governance space in India is gaining momentum at a faster pace and government departments are increasingly faced with the need to retain strategic control over the archival and management of critical documents. SME players are also looking to optimize their operational processes through transforming laborious, time consuming, manual and error prone document-centric jobs into automated ones for faster time-to-market. Perceiving these industry specific requisites, Trivandrum, Kerala headquartered Ospyn Technologies provides a Digital Transformation platform to help enterprises transform traditional document-centric business processes into digitized operations.

Established in 2009, the idea of Ospyn Technologies was initiated by two skilled IT professionals- Prasadu Varghese and Kishore Kumar, who embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship with an aspiration to create a product that would comprehensively digitise the conventional paper-based industry. Aligning with this objective, the Ospyn Technologies team created their flagship entity- Digital Enablement and Experience Platform (DEEP) to facilitate organisations with automated internal processes and increased operational efficiency. This platform has the ability to interact with multiple external data sources such as Core banking systems, Finance & Accounting Systems, ERP systems, E-mail Exchanges, Scanners, Social media APIs, etc. to bring data into the platform. With the analytical capabilities to correlate synthesis and connect disparate information together, DEEP enables users to attain real time insights from
voluminous data.
Digitizing Document -Centric
Understanding the end-to-end document management requirements of enterprises, Ospyn Technologies has designed a Digital Document Filing System (DDFS) application, built on the foundation of its DEEP Platform. This application serves to digitize document centric processes by mapping unstructured and semi-structured data types such as paper documents, web-forms, emails and social data. Incorporating major modules akin to data capture, document management, record management, process management, document collaboration and analytics, the platform allows operational users to accomplish day to day tasks while eliminating errors and issues of manual paper-based processes. Furthermore, the company leverages the DDFS platform to provide enterprise solutions that can automate entire operations across organisations with digitized documents and workflows, to allow greater insights into tasks, resources and business performance.

Ospyn Technologies provides a Digital Transformation platform to help enterprises transform traditional document-centric business processes into digitized operations

Expanding into Multiple Verticals
With an industry expertise of almost a decade, Ospyn Technologies has procured clientele in multiple verticals including e-Governance, Banking, NBFCs, Healthcare and Education. As document management demands escalate, the company intends to further build and strengthen its presence in India by forging strong regional partnerships with System Integrators and Data Centre Service Providers, to fast track its entry into other markets. Ospyn also hopes to acquire major clients from European and American markets in the
long haul.