Newgen Software - Pioneering the DMS software products Industry

CIO Vendor Information management is quite the forthcoming trend in this ever evolving digital era. Information management systems dispense a plethora of advantages; cost reduction, improved effectiveness and shorter time for data queries. The systems provide an assurance of secure data, diminish possibilities of data loss and manage record versions. It handles time consuming tasks like handling records in different formats in a joined method effortlessly. It handles time consuming tasks like handling records in different formats in a joined method effortlessly. Furthermore, it manages the integrity and reliability of data, boosts service delivery and enhances business processes; an imminent requirement for businesses. While the advantages of DMS are hard to disregard, often what goes unnoticed is one essential requirement for the implementation of a good records management and that is not technology but skilled people. Understanding the diversity in one’s business and its implication is highly vital in the success of the implementation. The unique benefit of electronic management system is the fact that electronic access is foolproof only when backup and disaster recovery are set in place. Ultimately, it all comes down to how safe the data is. All this requires choosing the right ECM framework that works best for the business. Newgen Software, headquartered in Delhi, comes to the fore leveraging around 25 years of experience in the DMS industry furnishing enterprise clients with their highly disruptive Newgen OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite. The company, one of the pioneers in the computer software industry, extends their services across various verticals; Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Case Management solutions. The Newgen OmniDocs ECM Suite facilitates the end-to-end management of enterprise content like paper documents, forms and electronic files, right from capture to processing, to distribution and disposition. Diwakar Nigam, Managing Director, adds, “To ensure faster time to market, Newgen has designed a unique implementation agile methodology wherein models are engineered to deliver highly successful implementations, assisting in implementing solutions in record time.”

Creating a Highly Connected and Digital Workplace
Delving deeper into what Newgen ECM suite has to offer, OmniDocs ECM Suite provides smart tools and innovations to ensure information originating from multiple sources is captured at the right instance, stored in a secured central repository and made available to the key representatives across the organization. “The solution is designed to ensure the delivery of contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making, increased productivity, greater compliance, reduced operating costs and enhanced customer satisfaction,” reveals Diwakar Nigam. OmniDocs ECM Suite includes a robust US Department of Defense Standard 5015.2 (DoD 5015.2) certified Records Management System to ensure regulatory and legislative requirements of an enterprise are met.

The suite provides wide ranging business benefits to the customers. It offers quick turnaround time, accurate responses and better visibility of document centric, customer facing processes leading to improved customer satisfaction. Greater compliance achieved through standardization, robust records management and extensive audit capabilities is another advantage. Additionally, it aids to reduce operation costs through electronic handling of critical content in all forms, right from its capture, storage and management to delivery. Furthermore, it enhances productivity through delivery of contextual content to the business user, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.
Additional benefits like integrated homogenous product suite for complete content life-cycle management, global delivery model for shorter project cycles and Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is what makes Newgen’s offering unique and different from vendors providing similar solutions in the market. The ECM suite is a comprehensive platform that caters to diverse functionalities in the cloud and mobile environment. OmniDocs ECM on Cloud permits customers to deploy the solution at their preferred location or across nine multiple global data centers by leveraging their partnership with well-known cloud computing service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure etc. Newgen offers a broad range features on mobile besides the company’s mobile using which v iewing, searching, downloading, uploading, emailing and deleting documents can be done by consumers on the go and can be read offline as well. These same documents can be shared across various social networking sites. The system intelligently transforms audio/video content for viewing on mobile devices.

Newgen has designed a unique implementation agile methodology wherein models are engineered to deliver highly successful implementations, assisting in implementing solutions in record time.”

Tapping into and Gaining Prominence in Mature Markets
Relentlessly endeavoring to maintain the position as one of the leading solution providers in the market, Newgen invests 12 to 15 percent of its revenues each year in research and development to constantly propel innovation. To maneuver and stay ahead of the sharp growth curve, Newgen is focusing on enhancing and innovating within the SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) framework, while infusing stronger capabilities to the products offered. The company anticipates a 25-30 percent Year on Year growth over the coming few years. While maintaining their leading position in India and the APAC markets, the company has been continually striving to deepen their reach and establish their products in potential and mature markets like the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Furthermore, this year shows promise of several emerging technological trends like digital sensing where businesses are looking to engage customers through every social channel, mobility, process analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Newgen has perfectly positioned themselves to ride and emerge on top of this growth wave with their upcoming futuristic products. The product launches will focus around Newgen Product Lines in Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Case Management and Customer Communication Management. The company aspires to enhance the RPA potential within OmniFlow iBPS by incorporating IoT, analytics and Complex Event
Processing Capabilities.