Immaculate Integrated Technology Solutions - An Expansive DMS & Digital Paperless Board Meetings Sol

CIO Vendor The rate of information generation is increasing exponentially with the universal adoption of social media and the democratization of business tools. Organizations are in the midst of a chaotic content explosion, where it has never been harder to locate the right data in real time. Corroborating this, a recent IDC study demonstrates that document management challenges are robbing organizations of 21.3 percent of their overall productivity. Enterprises are thus in need of an optimum open DMS system that serves as a foundation from which other systems and processes may leverage information to bring about improved automation and collaboration across workflows. Understanding these requisites, Mumbai headquartered IIT Solutions brings an all-inclusive DMS Solution platform to help organizations leverage the ongoing data sprawl and transition into a paperless environment in an era of increasing digitization.

Incorporated in 2005, the company utilises in-depth knowledge of Microsoft, Android and IOS technologies to provide a comprehensive solutions suite that includes DMS, Paperless Board Meeting Management for corporate group of companies, CTS, Asset & Inventory Management, etc. Recognising the need, IIT Solutions provides APIs for other applications to access informational from their DMS to support strategic decision making. “Our DMS and Meetings solutions are directed at today’s organizational challenges of information sharing, bringing transparency amongst the authorised top and middle executives within group of companies, across small offices to large corporate entities to improve business outcomes, customer relationships and overall operational efficiencies,” claims Vinay Kabra, Founder & Director, IIT Solutions.

Enabling Instant Information Retrieval
IIT Solutions has extensively concentrated efforts in the DMS domain. Understanding the nuances of a data driven corporate culture, IIT Solutions’ DMS solutions function as a critical link to convert paper and electronic data into organised digital knowledge, enabling the real critical input for BI tools. This digitization process includes inbuilt forms processing with optional ICR/OCR recognition, Automated Processes driven workflow annotation, auto sectioning and a robust storage and archival process to instantly search and share documents with authorised executives.
Moreover, The centralized data capture facilitates instant movement of data from any location to the central server for availability across the organisation, further adding to its efficiency in enabling instant information retrieval. Integrated with DMS, IIT Solutions also offers paperless digital corporate meeting management system to extend a paperless office not only into boardrooms, that enables synchronised information sharing and improved boardroom collaboration, but also across all the meetings within the group of companies with paperless task assigning and paperless reporting, bringing greater transparency within organizations.

IIT Solutions provides APIs for other applications to access informational from their DMS to support strategic decision making.

Meeting the Needs of Digital India
Having gained a combined experience of over a decade in offering IT solutions, IIT Solutions hopes to utilise this expertise to devise new solutions to digital and green India. IIT Solutions integrated DMS and Paperless Board Meeting Solution is set to democratise paperless offices across organisations, with an environment of increased accountability and transparency that have committees and members for the long haul.