Foreglipmse - Emphasizing on Cost-effective Paperless Offices for a Carbon-free Environment

CIO Vendor Documents floating around in paper or digital format create an immense risk for a company’s sensitive and confidential information. However, the in-house nature of Foreglimpse’s DMS solutions explains the reason clients’ confide in Foreglimpse. With a distributed network of Indian offices in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, Foreglimpse crafts breakthrough Document Management Services under one umbrella - creating record rooms in office, managing physical files and QR coding, OCR enabled digitization, Document Management Software customization and record shredding.

Uncompromised Confidentiality
Bound by NDNC/NDA agreements, Foreglimpse takes sole responsibility of the physical / e-data associated with the projects handled. Clients are allotted dedicated login details in situations where one requires Foreglimpse’s FTP for accessing the e-data with restrictions as per client requirements. In addition, the company deploys MD5 Encryption for security of the data. On the upper hand, financial institutions are finical about the confidentiality and security of their data since the institutions require catering to a varied customer base. Steering clear of the challenges thrown against the physical documents of such clients, Foreglimpse offers dedicated spaces secured with biometrics within the client organization’s warehouse. “The warehouse comprises only of the particular client’s files wherein access to the corresponding sections is selectively permeable, allowing only authorized personnel-from Foreglimpse or from the client’s end to enter and exit”, adds Anushree Jain Bhandari, Co-founder, Foreglimpse. The premises are kept on watch 24x7 via CCTV IP Cameras. As for the electronic data, security is upheld by Foreglimpse under the aegis of diverse cyber security products and firewalls installed with multi-level encryptions for intensely classified data.

Paying Heed to Healthcare
A document management system has always been used as a transitional or alternative system to an EMR for physicians unprepared to dive into an expensive or greatly sophisticated system.With a clear picture of such an opportunity, Foreglimpse avails both physical document management and digitization services to service providers in the healthcare domain.
The healthcare products by Foreglimpse facilitate patients to login to view personal old records, prescriptions and other medical history. Furthermore, prescriptions are punched into the software by the doctors online, to be readily accessed by patients on real time basis. The products log inbuilt predefined diseases, cure and medication with options for doctors to upload additional keywords as well.

Foreglimpse’s FTP for accessing the e-data with restrictions as per client requirements. In addition, the company deploys MD5 Encryption for security of the data.

“In India, people are definitely aware of the “paperless” concept. Unfortunately, the understanding of it is not very clear”, comments Rajat Bhandari, Founder & Director, Foreglimpse. Following a ‘one person reporting’ approach, the company fortifies the prevention of data loss with respect to physical data. On the flipside, Foreglimpse creates real time backups at multiple levels and locations to avoid unwanted access to the electronic data. Moreover, by expediting data migration, Foreglimpse’s Document Management Software supports more than 100 file formats including mkv, dmg to name a few. Through such exceptional level of ethical standards and infrastructure for managing documents, Foreglimpse is adamant in its noble vision to make offices and corporate paperless and reduce Carbon footprints.