Maruthi Viswanathan: Aiming to Disrupt the Healthcare Industry with an Entrepreneurial Vigour

By Dr Maruthi Viswanathan, Founder, RxPrism Health Systems

As India is fast growing to become one of the top global economies of the world, the demand for better healthcare is observed to be growing manifold. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), healthcare in India is expected to grow at a 22.9 percent CAGR, from about a USD 100 billion market in 2015 to a USD 280 billion market in 2020. Despite this dramatic growth, 70 percent of the Indian population still lives in rural areas and has nil or limited access to quality healthcare. Services and solutions in this space, therefore, must focus on making quality healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone. Sensing the immense opportunities in a burgeoning technology landscape combined with his longstanding vision of ensuring quality and affordable healthcare to everyone, Dr Maruthi Viswanathan founded RxPrism Health Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Maruthi’s interest in the healthcare industry intensified after the pursuit of an MBBS degree. Being a physician provided him with a first-hand perspective of the distinct problems and challenges that marred the healthcare sector. His affinity towards technology and business further led him to pursue subsequent degrees in diverse domains such as animation and business administration. In addition to a unique educational qualification, Maruthi gained deeper expertise in healthcare marketing and technology by serving as a Healthcare Marketing Consultant and a Creative Director for close to a decade. Thus, a strong professional background blended with a proclivity for technology- driven innovation paved way for the inception of RxPrism—a global healthcare-focussed, digital marketing and customer engagement services and solutions provider. “My interests always centred on finding innovative and disruptive solutions to address the huge gap in physician–patient ratio, increase patients’ accessibility to better healthcare and make quality healthcare available and affordable to patients from all walks of the society,”
says Maruthi.

Defining the Parameters of Success

“Solving global problems through simple solutions” was Maruthi’s goal while founding RxPrism in 2013. Consistent with this objective, Maruthi has established an organisation that pursues the major challenges in the healthcare arena and develops simple first-to-market solutions to address them. Looking for people who can augment his ideas and execute his vision, Maruthi recruits multi-disciplinary, multi-talented individuals, with a strong understanding of healthcare and a basic exposure and openness to technology and innovation. At the same time, he also hires proficient young talents, provides them a platform to learn and establish and motivates them to explore novel business ideas and generate path-breaking solutions to address the core healthcare problems. Embracing this direction has fostered an innovation-fuelled environment and has promoted a culture of winning through the rungs of the organisation.

“Winning is our habit and to be a winner is our identity” – Maruthi also attributes this very mind-set to being the key reason for his success as an entrepreneur. Defining the parameters of success, he believes that staying focused on one’s vision when confronted with hardships can go a long way in helping an entrepreneur conquer moments of doubt that often stifle his or her progress. “Being nimble footed, not compromising on one’s vision and collaborating with
likeminded investors are some of the time-tested ways to be successful as an entrepreneur,” claims Maruthi. While he has always lived his passion, Maruthi has also been blessed with a like-minded family that has always remained a party to his success. “Therefore, there is no question of me seeking a work-life balance! I live my interest!” exalts Maruthi.

Scaling New Heights in Healthcare

Built on the groundwork of Maruthi’s robust ideology, RxPrism has been scaling new heights and pioneering the concept of digital healthcare marketing across the Indian healthcare industry. The company’s creative excellence and use of advanced technology have been greatly acknowledged and awarded in many international forums such as RxClub, MarCom, Hermes, Webby, New York Festivals and International Achievers Conference. Having proved RxPrism’s value through exceptional implementations in quality and innovation, Maruthi shares the philosophy that drove him to the pinnacle of success: “Never deviate from your vision and mission, keep away from doubting toms, always validate your ideas with as many professionals as possible and establish a solid team that can augment your ideas and execute your vision.”

Deploying User-Friendly Innovations

Listed below are some of the key innovations from RxPrism stable:

a. CallWithDoctor: A first-to-market solution to address the core problem of increasing patients’ accessibility to physicians globally

b.   RxCLIP (patent filed): An affordable user-friendly device that can be pre-programmed for the recommended dosage frequency and attached to a blister pack; it reminds the patient of the next dosage, records when and how many pills or packs are consumed and allows transmission of the stored information electronically to doctors for reviewing and ensuring patient compliance

c. RxKIOSK: A personalised kiosk on every patient’s hands that has fetched RxPrism the global innovation award

d. Save Patient Game: A game-based healthcare customer-engagement solution that has garnered the Rx Club award of excellence. 

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